HoneyWater launches into Blush Lane Organic Market Chain

On behalf of everyone at HoneyWater, we want to thank our retailers and consumers for all the wonderful support over the last year, and we are all super excited for a healthy and prosperous 2017!

To kick off the new year, HoneyWater is now available at Blush Lane Organic Market, a health and organic food chain based in Western Canada, with 3 locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

Blush Lane Organic Market, similar to HoneyWater, believes that our food choices can and do have a positive impact – locally and globally – by actively promoting sustainable agriculture, ethical practices and environmentally conscious actions. Their core values include love, integrity, freshness and ecology, bringing together the ideal that a locally owned and operated food industry is the only solution to improve our health, and our agricultural footprint.

To give back to their communities, particularly in Edmonton and Calgary, Blush Lane is actively involved with the donation of fresh produce and groceries to local food charities and food banks. HoneyWater is excited to welcome Blush Lane and its consumers as local partners for our spring ‘Save the bee’ campaign, aimed at preserving pollinator health by directly funding important initiatives that support local bee keepers and non-profits across the country.

Next time you’re at Blush Lane, bee sure to grab a HoneyWater and help support local bee initiatives and promote pollinator health in your community!


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