Press Release | HoneyWater welcomes spring with the ‘Buy a bottle, Save a bee’ campaign #Savethebees

When HoneyWater launched its beverages in the fall of last year, we pioneered the ‘buy a bottle, save a bee’ program, where a portion of proceeds from each bottle sold goes directly towards our partnering initiatives, which are aimed at raising awareness and strengthening bee populations across North America, and the world. Our partners include over 300 honeybee farms across North America, non-profits, industry associations, and local bee rescue initiatives.

#Savethebees Campaign Details

From now until the end of spring (June 19th, 2016), we are running a special #Savethebees promotion, where if you take a picture of your HoneyWater bottle and share it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtags, #Savethebees and #HoneyWater, we will donate 5x the proceeds for that bottle, directly towards our featured partnering initiatives. 

Where Can I get HoneyWater?

HoneyWater is currently available in over 120 locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and Southern Ontario. If you’re in the GTA, we also offer next day delivery through Mr.Case!

A few of our partnering Initiatives

The Canadian Honey Council is a non-profit organization that represents more than 8,500 beekeepers across Canada, and has created a forum where producers, packers, professionals, and government organizations can discuss the best interests of Canadian honey bees. The funding we provide the CHC goes directly to support their various existing ‘Save the Bee’ initiatives, which include promoting education and public awareness of pollinators, communication of better methods of beekeeping, support for improved bee breeding, promotion of good production practices, and advancement and training of apiculturists.

The Pollinator Partnership is the largest non-profit in the world dedicated exclusively to the protection and promotion of pollinators, and their ecosystems. Launching in the spring of 2016, The Pollinator Partnership announced their multi-year Support the Bees Campaign, which will raise $5 million over 3 years to expand its programs supporting the infrastructure to sustain the health of honey bee populations across North America. HoneyWater will be directly involved in support of this project through our ‘buy a bottle, save a bee’ program.

The Toronto Bee Rescue specializes in the humane removal and relocation of established honey bee colonies within the Greater Toronto Area. They remove honeybee colonies from homes, sheds, decks, and other man-made structures, as well as collect swarms clustered on tree branches or fences. Once rescued, the bees are relocated to suitable locations, where they are able to thrive as pollinators, benefiting the local environment. By sponsoring Toronto Bee Rescue, we can directly contribute to protecting urban honey bees, while promoting urban beekeeping in the City of Toronto.

We are looking forward to making this campaign as successful as possible – and bringing the city of Toronto together to support our honey bees and other important pollinators. Get your HoneyWater today and share the buzz!!



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