HoneyWater launches into Quebec!

Spring is always a very exciting time for us, and this year is no different. We are proud to announce that we have launched into the Quebec market, in partnership with Koyo Foods, one of the most respected health food distributors in Canada.

Quebec has a strong apiculture tradition which contributes to a culture of health and wellness throughout the province. Apimondia, also known as the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations, is responsible for facilitating the exchange of information amongst beekeeper organizations worldwide, and a strong Canadian representation at the 2015 global conference, which included HoneyWater, helped secure Apimondia 2019 in Montreal.

As a leader in naturally sweetened beverages, HoneyWater’s vision of promoting a healthy lifestyle through smarter food and beverage choices aligns perfectly with Koyo Foods, creating a synergistic partnership in which the consumers win. HoneyWater is also proudly manufactured in Quebec, sponsors multiple Montreal Alouettes CFL players, and supports over 300 beekeepers across Canada, many of which are in Quebec.

Koyo Food’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1976, where it was established as a Japanese food distributor in Montreal, Quebec. Today, Koyo Foods is a national distributor with over 350 locations throughout Quebec and Ontario. They have done so without losing sight of their main goal – which is to promote the macrobiotic and healthy lifestyle in communities across Canada.

HoneyWater is currently available in 20 locations across Quebec, and are adding new locations daily. Some of our feature locations thus far include Metro, Fruiterie, Couffin Bio, and Aliments Sante Naturasol. Stay up to date on our location finder to find the nearest HoneyWater near you, and help us share the buzz!


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