HoneyWater launches into FreshBooth, a growing health food chain

Located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, FreshBooth established their first location in the summer of 2015, as the premier location for a fresh, nutritious, and convenient meal. Since the launch, they have received raving reviews for their ingredients and service, and are planning to open up to 100 locations across Canada.

With their selection of unique wraps, salads, bowls and burritos, you’ll be sure to find a delicious, healthy, and quick meal – no matter what you’re looking for. HoneyWater has been in FreshBooth for several months, and the initial response has been fantastic. As a healthy and naturally sweetened beverage, made with quality ingredients, HoneyWater is a perfect addition to their menu, and complements the various smoothies they have available.

With overlapping values, HoneyWater and FreshBooth are committed to building a long and successful partnership, supporting a movement for healthy and eco-friendly products that leave a positive footprint in our communities. Next time you’re craving a healthy meal on-the-go, make sure to stop by FreshBooth and grab a HoneyWater to power you through the day.

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freshbooth honeywater

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