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Honey, hives and highrises: Why urban beekeeping is trending in Canada

TORONTO – Along with backyard chickens, home beekeeping is a growing trend in Canada. According to the Canadian Honey Council, 20 per cent of the approximately 7,000 beekeepers across the country are hobbyists. That number is quickly climbing as more people are concerned with the decline in bee populations along with the desire to cultivate their own fresh honey.

Shawn Caza, who keeps hives on the grounds of Toronto’s Fort York with a colony of about 50,000 bees, says he got into beekeeping over a general interest in food.

“I started [because] I thought it would be great to get some honey and see it being made,” he said. “It was fascinating to learn about the bees and how to manage them and the interesting things they get up to.”


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