Enjoy HoneyWater® with the perfect California Sandwich

HoneyWater® has recently moved into California Sandwiches, one of Toronto’s favourite sandwich spots. California Sandwiches was born in the mid 1960’s in Toronto’s Little Italy, when the Papa/Bertucci family purchased a local grocery store with hopes of supporting a growing family. They soon discovered they had something special when customers were coming for lunch instead of groceries. As the popularity of their homemade sandwiches grew, the first California Sandwiches was was born, with their veal sandwich quickly becoming one of Toronto’s favourites.

Today, there are 12 locations throughout the GTA, and are all family owned and operated. They pride themselves in their traditional food preparation and fresh ingredients, with each store employing its own butcher with meat preparation on-site. As a traditional and naturally sweetened beverage, HoneyWater® goes hand-in-hand with the perfectly made sandwich. HoneyWater® is initially launching in the Burlington location, and is expected to expand to the remaining locations in the coming year.

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