Is Honeywater® the holy grail of health drinks?

We love hearing stories about experiences people have had with HoneyWater®, and why they absolutely love it.

Ryan Schneider is a triathlete, a competitor in probably one of the most grueling races you can think of – combining long distance swimming, biking, and running. He writes of one day when he called up the founder of Sigma Human Performance, Benjamin Stone,  to discuss dietary changes to boost his performance. To his surprise, Stone offered up a more unconventional solution – HoneyWater®. After having tried all kinds of bars, gels, sports drinks that everyone else was consuming, he started drinking nothing but HoneyWater® during his races, and now he swears by it.

Among its many health benefits, honey is an excellent source of natural nutrition, because of its high glucose and fructose content.

“Honey is freakin’ perfect”, Stone said. “It’s the most perfect source of energy. It’s a lock and key fit for your body. You’ll start to feel somewhere between less like god, but more than man.”

Click here to read more about how HoneyWater® took his performance to the next level 


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