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Honey, hives and highrises: Why urban beekeeping is trending in Canada

TORONTO – Along with backyard chickens, home beekeeping is a growing trend in Canada. According to the Canadian Honey Council, 20 per cent of the approximately 7,000 beekeepers across the country are hobbyists. That number is quickly climbing as more people are concerned with the decline in bee populations along with the desire to cultivate their own fresh […]

Honey and Water – Is it REALLY that good?

Honey and Water has been used as a traditional health drink for thousands of years – there is even evidence that Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, used to drink honey and water regularly and found it far superior to treating wounds, though he probably did not know why. When honey is diluted with water, its […]

Study sheds new light on honeybee decline

‘A new study by Heather Mattila, a leading honey bee ecologist and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Wellesley College, published this April in PLOS ONE, reveals that inadequate access to pollen during larval development has lifelong consequences for honey bees, leading not only to smaller workers and shorter lifespans, but also to impaired performance and […]

Is Honeywater® the holy grail of health drinks?

We love hearing stories about experiences people have had with HoneyWater®, and why they absolutely love it. Ryan Schneider is a triathlete, a competitor in probably one of the most grueling races you can think of – combining long distance swimming, biking, and running. He writes of one day when he called up the founder of Sigma […]

MTL Blog: 11 Health and Beauty Benefits of Eating Honey

One of our favorite publications – MTL Blog recently did a great review of 11 health and beauty benefits of honey. Not only does Honey taste great – its natures way of encouraging you to look and feel amazing. Here is a recap of the benefits: 1) Healing scars 2) Treating Acne 3) Dark Circles […]

Celebrate World Water Day 2015!

‘A day to celebrate, a day to change, a day to prepare.’ March 22nd is world water day – A day to celebrate the most vital component of life and sustainability, water. Its a day to highlight global water shortages, and work together to inspire, innovate, and manage water for the future. In 1993, the United […]